Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum 2020

Shared Prosperity in Judea and Samaria

On October 20, 2020 the Integrated Business Roundtable hosted the second annual Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum. IPEF is founded upon a unifying conviction that increased direct investment in high-quality business enterprise is the sturdiest pathway to shared prosperity in Judea and Samaria. The 2020 IPEF program includes thought leaders, political influencers, and leading practitioners, coming together to build a shared vision for economic prosperity in the region of Judea and Samaria.

Watch the Event Highlights Below

The Growing Integrated Business Ecosystem

Introductory Remarks at the 2020 Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum

Avi Zimmerman | Founding Partner of JSCCI and the Integrated Business Roundtable

Domestic & International Israeli-Arab Relations

Ofir Akunis | Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation

Introduced by businessman and founding partner of the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ashraf Jabari.

Panel Discussion: Integrated Industry-Tech Zones

Eli Shaviro | Mayor of Ariel

Michal Shalem | Let's Grow Israel

Ashraf Jabari | Founding Partner of the JSCC

Moderated by Avi Zimmerman, founding partner and CEO of the Integrated Business Roundtable

A New Economic Landscape

The Abraham Accords and the New Regional Economy

David Friedman | US Ambassador to Israel

Introduced by the Heather Johnston of the US–Israel Education Association.

Opportunities for Private Public Partnerships

Bonnie Glick | Deputy administrator, USAID

Panel Discussion: The UAE–Israel Agreement and its Impact on the Israeli-Palestinian Emergent Economy

Prof. Glenn Yago | Milken Innovation Center

Tally Zingher | Businesswoman

Aryeh Lightstone | US Embassy in Israel

Ayoub Kara | Economic Peace Center

Moderated by Avi Zimmerman, founding partner and CEO of the Integrated Business Roundtable

Emergent Economies Across the Middle East

Casting a Vision for a West Bank Gaza Enterprise Fund

Daniel F. Runde | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Introduced by Jay Hein of the Sagamore Institute.

Panel Discussion: Obstacles and Opportunities for Palestinian Entrepreneurship

Mas Watad of Nablus and Emad Maslamani of Jerusalem

Moderated by Avi Zimmerman, founding partner and CEO of the Integrated Business Roundtable

Next Steps and IPEF 2020 Outcomes

Highlights from the first IBR Investment Showcase and Pitch Competition

Remarks from Mike Humphrey | co-chair of the Integrated business roundtable

The Establishment of the Emergent Economy Business Accelerator

Featuring business pitches of the first cohort: Tribe Effects and Daniel Ecological Flower Pots

Public Policy: Regional Development Financing Initiative implementation

Jay Hein | Sagamore Institute

Sen. James Lankford | US Senator from Oklahoma

Closing remarks by Avi Zimmerman.

Onsite Close-Ups

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Integrated Industry

and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Integrated Commerce

and a Rami Levy Shopping Center

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Integrated Innovation

and Ecological Opportunity