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Beyond Aid: a Palesinian Economic Primer

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From Portland Trust

A paper presenting a long-term, private sector-led action plan that The Portland Trust has helped the Palestinian private sector to develop, building on contributions from international experts and over 250 Palestinian stakeholders. Implementation of the initiative by the private sector has already begun.

The report identifies a number of investment opportunities and private sector-led projects across five high-potential economic sectors:  agriculture, information technology & digital entrepreneurship, tourism, construction, and energy. These were chosen following assessment of over 20 economic sectors for their potential contribution to GDP growth and job creation over the long term. Analysis estimates that the projects defined for these five high-potential sectors could add up to around $8bn in incremental GDP and create up to 160,000 direct jobs and around 230,000 indirect jobs by 2030.

The English version of the paper can be read here

The Arabic translation is available here

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