The Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum is hosted annually by the Integrated Business Roundtable. A unifying conviction among the Roundtable partners is that increased direct investment in high quality business enterprise is the sturdiest pathway to shared prosperity and eventual peace in Judea and Samaria.

The timing is right to focus on new investment in the region. International aid has materially declined and the Palestine National Authority itself has endorsed a shift toward building up the private economy including such strategies as “Beyond Aid” from the Portland Trust.

This new thinking is grounded in the emergence of local Palestinian and Israeli Jewish entrepreneurs who are looking past current challenges and economic constraints and have joined forces to build integrated businesses.

The Integrated Business Roundtable (“IBR” or the “Roundtable”) was founded in 2019 to advance greater economic development and direct investment in Judea and Samaria through growth of its Integrated Business Initiative and vision of shared prosperity for Palestinians and Israelis.

IBR’s action-oriented mission arises from many years of successful pioneering work in Judea and Samaria, the historical heart of the Holy Land, by its founding partners– the Judea Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JH Israel, and the US Israel Education Association.

The Roundtable’s long-term goal, moreover, is to selectively expand with partners who add strategic depth to its capabilities. In late 2019 US-based Sagamore Institute (“Sagamore”) joined the Roundtable and formed an operating partnership around IBR’s plan to build an impact investing platform. Sagamore is an international leader in impact investing strategies that demonstrate double bottom line returns of financial sustainability and measureable social impact, especially in challenged and broken economies.