Integrated Businesses

and Shared Prosperity

Welcome to the Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum

The Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum is hosted annually by the Integrated Business Roundtable. A unifying conviction among the Roundtable partners is that increased direct investment in high quality business enterprise is the sturdiest pathway to shared prosperity.

IPEF 2020

Upcoming Pitch Competition

An international group of investors and entrepreneurs are advancing shared prosperity among the Israelis and Palestinians living there. Join us in October 2020 for our first “Shark Tank” style pitch competition.

The first Economic Forum was hosted in February 2019 by Avi Zimmerman, Sheikh Ashraf Jabari and IBR founding partner, the US Israel Education Association (USIEA). On this internationally prominent and shared stage, Avi and Ashraf showcased the Chamber’s growth to 600 members, the impactful RDFI plan from the Milken Center, and, perhaps most importantly, stories from the region’s base of integrated businesses that offer a hope-giving path to shared prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

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