Integrated Business and
Shared Prosperity

Welcome to the Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum

The Israeli Palestinian Economic Forum is hosted annually by the Integrated Business Roundtable. A unifying conviction among the Roundtable partners is that increased direct investment in high quality business enterprise is the sturdiest pathway to shared prosperity and eventual peace in Judea and Samaria.

The timing is right to focus on new investment in the region. International aid has materially declined and the Palestine National Authority itself has endorsed a shift toward building up the private economy including such strategies as “Beyond Aid” from the Portland Trust.

This new thinking is grounded in the emergence of local Palestinian and Israeli Jewish entrepreneurs who are looking past current challenges and economic constraints and have joined forces to build integrated businesses.

This description, “integrated business” arises from a little-reported fact on the ground of a growing number of more highly paid Palestinian workforces now working in Israeli Jewish-owned businesses. This trend has remarkably now grown to include new entrepreneurial businesses where ownership itself is integrated and profits and prosperity are shared between Palestinian and Israeli co-owners. 

While its strategies are aimed at practical business growth, the Roundtable members consider that that the shared prosperity and trusting relationships formed through integrated business have significant value and impact in their own right. This will manifest in ways that include restored hope for the unemployed, greater respect for the startup entrepreneur, and a wholly new identity for so many.

These are the fruits, in our view, of a much richer kind of development economics…Shalom economics.

July 2020 Pitch Competition

While the politicians debate pathways to peace in the West Bank, a group of investors and entrepreneurs are advancing shared prosperity among the Israelis and Palestinians living there. Join us in July, 2020, for our first “Shark Tank” style pitch competition.

Details coming soon…

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